One of the major problems encountered by end-customers in textile is the lack of wet-fastness of dyes and printing on textiles. It is even more undesirable to see dyes and printings being removed during washing step since the removed dyestuff may be absorbed by undyed textile being washed during the same operation, in addition to the fact that the textile do not retain its original dyed color. In this regards its usual that textile manufacturers apply dyes fixing agents at the end of the process. They can also be used during the process of dyeing for environmental concerns (to reduce amounts of unfixed dyes in industrial waste water) and to improve economical efficiency of the process linked to the amount of dye used. SSCI manufactures high-performing cationic polymers under UltraFix brand names to improve fastness of the dyes. In addition we also offer anti-migration agents allowing a better uniformity of dying, a better color yield and brightness in pigment dyeing processes.

During textile manufacturing, sizing of the warp yarn (appliance of a protective glaze)  is essential to avoid breakage in the weaving machine. Acrylic polymers manufactured by SSCI under UltraSize brand are effective sizing polymers to be applied on fibers for a good protection of the wrap yarns. They improve flexiblity, lubrication to all kind of yarns and are easily removed during desizing as they are completely water-soluble.

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