UltraMer CT rheology modifiers are easy-to-use anionic or cationic liquid thickeners made by inverse emulsion process for opaque formulations, effective in a wide pH range. They can be used to thicken skin or sun creams, hair care creams to which they are providing superior feeling and aesthetics, enhancing the impression of formulating luxury creams.


  • For acidic, neutral or high pH
  • Direct thickening
  • No neutralization required
  • Not heating needed : for hot or cold processes
  • Addition at any stage
  • Stabilization effect
  • Used alone or in combination with other thickeners (carbomers, HEC/CMC)
  • Final adjustment of the viscosity
  • Superior feeling properties
  • Different textures obtained depending on polymer composition
  • Cationic or anionic formulations