Customer feeling and sensations when opening and using a cosmetic product is as important as real performance of a personal care product, especially when we are talking about creams, shampoos, conditioners or shower gels. SSCI has understood final customer expectations, thus is focusing as well on providing solutions to obtain the right aesthetics and feel of a cosmetic product, as on offering ingredients having a defined performance in personal care formulations.

There are many ways to enhance the appearance, feel and functionality of a finished formulation. The incorporation of acrylic polymers can perform a variety of functions from enhancing aesthetics to preventing pigment agglomeration. In this context Noor offers a complete range of polymeric rheology modifiers, able to answer to every customer need and formulation parameter (pH, compatibility to other ingredients, viscosity level...)




UltraCare C


Shampoos, conditioners

UltraMer CC


Hair gels, skin care, sun care

UltraMer CT
Acrylic rheology modifiers
Skin creams, sun care, conditioners